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Served Nightly

Starting at 4:30p

Small Bites

Ridged Baked Brie     17
Brie baked inside flaky pastry crust, served with roasted fresh garlic clove, local honey, apple slices, raspberry jam, in house flatbread

Crab Cakes   20
Sauteed jumbo lump crab cake

Side of Fries   3

Side of Garlic Fries   4

Royal Garlic Fries   6
Fresh minced grilled garlic, parsley, in house royal sauce, bacon

Bourbon Glazed Pork Belly   17
Slow roasted pork belly, topped with our in house bourbon sweet glaze sauce

Caprese   13
Fresh tomato, bufala mozzarella, basil and italian balsamic glaze

Mac & Cheese Bites    13  
Fried gouda, bacon mac and cheese bites with mixed Nashville cheese curds, topped with sweet sriracha  
Royal Baked Goat Cheese   15
Ricotta and goat cheese blend in marinara herb sauce, served with in house flatbread

Prominence Staple Board
Assorted local cheeses & meats, olives, nuts, local honey, other local in season accouterments and local raspberry jalapeño jam
SMALL (Serves up to 4)    20
LARGE (Serves up to 6)    29

Ridge Top Wings  17
Eight grilled wings smothered in our in house bourbon Korean sweet sauce, topped with blue cheese crumbles

Royal Brussels Sprouts   16
Crispy brussels sprouts in parmesan, white balsamic reduction

Shrimp Skewers  18
2 skewers served over fresh lemon topped with in house fresh lemon seasoning


House Salad   9
Spring mix, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, feta, balsamic vinaigrette

Wedge Salad   12
Iceberg lettuce, crispy bacon, fresh tomatoes, cucumber, local gorgonzola blue cheese crumbles topped with in house blue cheese dressing

Caesar Salad  12
Romaine hearts, croutons, fresh local parmesan cheese, in house creamy caesar dressing

Royal Cobb Salad   13
Grilled chicken breast served on romaine hearts, bacon, egg, tomato, avocado, cucumber, red onion, blue cheese topped with in house red wine vinaigrette dressing


In-House Made Royal dough handmade and fired in our Stefano Ferrara wood-fired brick oven

Short Rib Pizza   20
Braised short rib, bufala mozzarella, fresh roasted garlic, roasted tomatoes, arugula

Royal Blanco    19
Prosciutto, chicken, mozzarella, in house royal blanco garlic sauce, topped with arugula, onion, roasted garlic and Italian balsamic glaze

Ridge of Meats   20
Local cured meats, bufala mozzarella, peppers, mushrooms

The Monarchic  19
Chicken prosciutto, parmesan cheese, artichoke hearts, spinach, mushrooms in house garlic sauce topped with Italian balsamic glaze

Prominence Veggie    18
Local cheese, local season veggies, in house marinara sauce
Margherita    17
In house marinara sauce, bufala mozzarella, fresh basil


Side House Salad  4.50
Garlic Fries   4
House Fries   3
Royal Fries  5

Royal Lasagna  21
In house made layered meat, sausage, house made Bolognese sauce, fresh local cheese  

Salmon   32
Seared Atlantic salmon, in house royal house glaze. Served with in season veggies

Ridge Chicken Pot Pie   21
In house made from start to finish, chicken, mirepoix, local in season veggies topped with pastry puff

Prominence Burger     18
Fresh beef and brisket patty, served on a fresh bun with all the great fixings including bacon
Meatloaf    23
Pork and elk blend, in house made sauce, served with in season veggies and mashed potatoes

Shrimp Pasta   22
Royal in house pesto sauce, grilled shrimp, fresh parm cheese

Blanco Ravioli    22
Ricotta, parmesan and spinach filled ravioli served with in house blanco sauce, fresh spinach and tomatoes

Wagyu Steak   55
In house herb butter, mashed potato and veggies


Royal Chocolate Cake   20
Chocolate cake with layers of chocolate ganache, served with vanilla ice cream (accommodates 2-3)   

Sorbet  7
Flavors can change daily

Key Lime Cake  10

Cheesecake  10

Carrot Cake  11

Kids Dinner

Kids 11 and under, please. Includes kids drink choice of: juice, soda, milk, water

Flatbread   10
In house flatbread, topped with in house marinara sauce, cheese and pepperoni

Hazey Pasta   10
House made pasta, served with in house cheese sauce

Chicken Tenders   10
2-piece chicken tenders served with french fries, choice of dipping sauce